Dan was very patient and understanding throughout our sessions, truly allowing me to come to terms  with the triggers of my anxiety and more importantly, find the right coping strategies that keep my anxiety at bay and keep me in control. Female, mid 20's

I had been a bad way before I met Dan, encountering frequent periods of anxiety and depression. This was making my work as a project manager very difficult. Dan helped me through a series of cognitive behavioural therapy sessions over the course of three months, and now I am feeling much more like my old self.

Working my problems through with Dan, and his explaining techniques that help, was a very good experience - one for which I am very grateful. Male, mid 50s

It was good to have the opportunity to discuss my situation and thoughts and feelings with Dan, and to have an unbiased view on things.  Being able to talk to someone outside of my day to day life and have my thoughts ‘replayed’ back to me with useful exercises and activities helped me to identify points of anxiety/stress really helped me to face my personal issues and assess things differently.   This on top of making some much needed changes to my work and personal life helped me get over things better than struggling on alone.  Male, mid 40's